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Why We Started Rich Vitality:

For quite some time Richard Ingber, like many of Rich Vitality Superfoods' clients, had been frustrated with all the processed foods being pushed in almost all of the markets out there. Full of artificial sweeteners, harmful chemicals, GMO's, hormones, antibiotics, and a basic lack of nutritional value – these foods just don’t have the healthy benefits people really need.

Rich Vitality Superfoods owner

So, when Richard formed Rich Vitality Superfoods, we began to get more educated about what natural foods actually provide the most health benefits. Often called "superfoods," these foods were/are packed with life-supporting minerals and nutrients like magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, plant proteins, and more.

We started to source our ingredients from pristine organic small farms and came up with recipes that provided real and noticeable health benefits, and got them out to some like-minded people who care about their nutritional intake.  

Today, virtually all our customers report that when they use these type of ingredients in a morning smoothie, they have more energy, mental clarity, love the taste and texture, and they're satisfied beyond lunchtime!

Products from Rich Vitality Superfoods can be shaken with a favorite healthy beverage as a meal on the go that's super-healthy and delicious. For many, the fact that it is made of 7 organic foods, with no fillers or flavorings, and is dairy, soy and gluten-free, is a very big deal.

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"Over the years I have tried/used numerous supplements for weight control, energy or fitness. Most fell short. Super Food Protein Blend, for me, seems to finally be "the one". It is as clean as they come, taste pretty good(I don't mix it which is recommended) and I get a real energy boost. For me, battling hunger and therefore weight control and energy for along day.It does the trick! My whole body seems to work better, I miss it when I forget! I have it everywhere, including my suitcase."
- Scott F. Ellard, DDS, MBA,

"I found that not only is this protein blend delicious and purely organic, it has boosted my energy since I began using it 6 months ago. I also found, and this was important, that it reduced my cravings for carbs, reduced my desire for snacks, and basically helped me avoid overeating later in the day. When I make a smoothie for breakfast, I feel full until lunch time."
-L. Greer, Freelance Photographer at Owner ephemera photography, Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area

"Making my morning smoothie with the Super FoodProtein Blend is my absolute favorite part of the day. Between class, work, strength training and photography I need energy that lasts all day long. It's a great feeling knowing i'm feeding my body 100% organic superfoods that gives me the energy and mental clarity I need to get after it everyday. Thank you for creating the perfect blend to keep me going day after day."
- Michael

I love Rich Vitality! I use it as a smoothie, and even put it in my coffee. I have used it to replace regular cocoa in brownies and no-bake cookies. You really have found a great blend that can make everyday treats healthy and unique. My wife also says "thank you, it is an easy way to get nutrition with both of us having busy days. Also it is a quick fix to breakfast."
- Garrett