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Fulvic Acid Minerals

By now most retailers, wholesalers, and health professionals have heard of Fulvic Acid: nature’s miracle molecule. Scientists and researchers have referred to it as the “missing link” of nutrition science. Fulvic acid and fulvic mineral products seem to be popping up everywhere, with every supplier claiming that their product is the superior brand.

So how does one actually determine which of these brands can measure up to these claims?  As with all our products, Rich Vitality Superfoods employs sound scientific principles as our guiding light in finding the very best of the best when it comes to our products.

Fulvic Acid -“What is it?”

When plant life perishes, it is returned to the earth where the process of decay begins. Microbes in the soil digest the decaying plant matter; beginning the process of humification. As this process continues, the microbes release organic acids into the soil. These organic acids include humic acids.

Fulvic acid is a type of humic acid that is higher in oxygen than other humic acids. It is also the only humic acid that will stay dissolved at all pH levels. These fulvic acids then act as a delivery system; binding metallic and rock-form minerals into bio-available compounds. These compounds are then easily-transported across cell membranes on the surface of the roots of plants.

This amazing ability found in plants is also found in animals and humans that have fulvic acid in their systems. In short, it is nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant and catalyst! 

Our Fulvic Acid:

The fulvic acid from Rich Vitality Superfoods is packed with bio-active substances with low molecular weight particles and helpful minerals, such as:

  • Amino acids
  • Trace minerals
  • Vitamins
  • And more…

These components are the end product of the decomposition of prehistoric organic matter. They contain extremely complex molecules – including fulvates and humic compounds – and photochemicals that are highly-protective and practically immortal.

Their secret? These elements were combined and recombined during decomposition and have been digested and re-digested by countless successive generations of animals and microbes. This ultimately makes them one of the most complex natural substances on earth. 

Fulvic Rich is so powerful that is contains latent solar energy that is hidden within its molecular structure. It possesses nature’s most bio-organically transferrable molecules, and Fulvic Rich is also partly-responsible for the unusual properties and bio-active nature of our Fulvic acid.

Attributes and Benefits of “FULVIC RICH:”

  • Contains natural, organic-origin minerals that include trace minerals, amino acids and some trace vitamin content.
  • Plays a vital role in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Delivers nature’s most potent natural electrolyte, contributing to electrical and bio- chemical balance within cells.
  • Contains all the trace minerals and elements found in living systems.
  • Transports nutrients to the cells at an increased rate.
  • Raises energy levels, promoting endurance and stamina.
  • Is nature’s most powerful detoxifier, eliminating toxic heavy metals and other toxins.
  • Supports enzyme reactions to improve digestion and assimilation.
  • Neutralizes acidity in the body via its toxin binding attributes.
  • Enhances utilization of all nutrients contained in supplements and food.
  • Eases after-workout fatigue.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Boosts hydration.
  • Increases productivity of digestive and metabolic enzymes.
  • Enhances brain function, promoting clearer thinking.
  • Helps build stronger muscle and bones.
  • Is concentrated, requiring only a few drops daily.
  • Delivers more than 60 daily servings in each 2 oz. bottle.
  • Contains a minimum of 10% fulvic acid content, as validated by independent laboratories.

Look for the Fulvic Infused Registered Mark that guarantees the quality and potency of Fulvic Acid and Fulvic Mineral Products.

Some of Our Discoveries:

1.) All alkaline (pH of 7.0 - 9.0) Fulvic Acid or Fulvic Mineral Products use leonardite or lignite (types of brown coal) as their raw material source. These coals are not extractable with water. The use of hydroxides is employed to leach the fulvic acid fractions from the source material. The most common extractant is potassium hydroxide.  Most of these products are sold in quarts with daily servings of 1 oz.  The fulvic acid content of these products is usually no greater than 5%, with most being under 2%.  The use of potassium hydroxide is revealed in laboratory analyses of these products that show an unusually high potassium content, at above 5,000 parts per million.

2.)  Fulvic acid content claims are more often than not exaggerated. A misunderstanding of accurate scientific fulvic acid quantification is often at the root of this. (Please see the attached document about understanding the complexities of accurate fulvic acid quantification).

3.)  Products sold as “Colloidal Minerals with Fulvic Acid” originate from Utah from a deposit that is too old (84 million years) to have any viable fulvic acid content. These products are typically sold in quarts and some are extracted with citric acid. The fulvic acid content of these products is usually below 1%.

4.)  A few products actually hold up to their claimed fulvic acid content. To demonstrate this RICH VITALITY has created documentation (see attached table of “Other Suppliers Products Compared”) showing the actual fulvic acid content of the listed products. Products were tested by third party independent laboratories using two different methods of fulvic acid quantification. (Please see the attached document about understanding the complexities of accurate fulvic acid quantification).

5.)  There appears to be only one manufacturer that harvests cures and extracts their product from a very rare fulvic mineral deposit in the perfect state of maturation in regards to the viability of the fulvic acid and mineral content of the source material. Their deposit contains both fresh water and oceanic plant life that has been preserved under very unique circumstances.  

6.) The company uses a proprietary (pure water only) extraction process with not a single chemical being employed in the harvesting, curing or extraction phases of their process.  Our research and laboratory testing has validated the exceptional quality of their product and the product requires only a few drops daily!  (Please see the attached Certificate of Analysis).


Serving Chart for Liquid Fulvic Acid Minerals

Understanding the Complexities of Accurate Fulvic Acid Quantification