Nutrition You Can Feel! 

An organic powder-blend of premium superfoods and plant-protein!

Rich Vitality's Super Food Protein Blend is an organic powder-blend for smoothies made of 7 pure certified organic ingredients, and is most often enjoyed as a super healthy truly great tasting breakfast smoothie. Perfect when you don't have time to grab a healthy breakfast, rather than skipping the fuel your mind and body requires for you to be at your peak, just shake and go! Fantastic with coconut milk and a banana in a blender, our organic super food protein blend naturally satisfies hunger for hours with bio-available organic plant-based protein from brown rice and hemp. 

What does it taste like? - on its own with almond or coconut milk, you will notice an earthy chocolate flavor that's not too sweet. Most people are pleasantly surprised with the great taste and smoothness as compared to other protein powders they've tried and make it part of their daily routine. It's quick, easy, good for you and tastes great! And it never gets old because you can always experiment with recipes. It's great to bake with as well and good for the whole family. If you're not familiar with the common health benefits associated with these powerful ingredients, please start here with what we provide on the subject and feel free to do your own research.

We encourage you to try our product and see that you like it and how it makes you feel. 

Just 4 tablespoons has 19g of plant-protein and 7g of fiber! With only 7 ingredients, there are generous portions of cacao, goji berry, maca, barley grass juice powder, brown rice protein, hemp protein and sweetened with organic coconut sugar. That's it. No additives, preservatives, gums, "natural flavors" or gmo's.

It's super-pure, sourced from small organic family farms. It tastes GREAT and IS NOT gritty! Really! That's our most commonly reported first impression.

No dairy, No soy, No gluten, Non-GMO, Organic and Vegan 

Quick. Easy. Delicious. Our Super Food Protein Blend naturally boosts energy, satisfies hunger, and supports optimal health and vitality. 

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Over the years I have tried/used numerous supplements for weight control, energy or fitness. Most fell short. Super Life Blend, for me, seems to finally be "the one". It is as clean as they come, taste pretty good(I don't mix it which is recommended) and I get a real energy boost. For me, battling hunger and therefore weight control and energy for along day.It does the trick! My whole body seems to work better, I miss it when I forget! I have it everywhere, including my suitcase. - Scott F. Ellard, DDS, MBA,

As a former Marine, fitness enthusiast & marathon runner, I have tried countless protein blends & supplement shakes spanning over 2 decades. Rich Vitality is the absolute best tasting, cleanest blend of pure goodness! I have a Rich Vitality smoothie 2-3 times a day. I fully endorse Rich Vitality and recommend it to all ages. - L. West, MSFS, ChFC®, CLTCQualifying Member at Million Dollar Round Table

I start my every morning with this amazing product. It has a good clean taste and makes me feel great! As a bonus, it curbs my appetite. I just use water and crushed ice in the mini blender and sometimes add a splash of plain probiotic Kefir. I've certainly tried many others, but Rich Vitality Super Food Protein Blend far surpasses all! I can feel the difference. Love it!!  -S. Steslicki

Are you ready to experience it for yourself?

Rich Vitality is perfectly blended to give you a smooth, great-tasting smoothie experience from the very first sip. Some of the health benefits associated with our potent ingredients include the support of healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular system, hormone balance, energy and endurance, immune support and longevity!

We encourage you to give it a try. New customers get 10% off their following order. 

Awesome product! I have it every morning for breakfast it gives me energy for my day and fills me up. If your looking for weight loss its an awesome meal replacement and so much better for you than those shakes with all the chemicals and fake sugars! I would recommend to anyone! - Jennifer I.